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design, marketing and creative strategy in boston

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About Becca

design and brand identity, web design, creative and marketing strategy

Based in Boston, Massachusetts I am a full-time freelance designer and marketing strategist helping in-house/solo marketing and creative departments find and create new opportunities for success through strengthened brand identity, design, and marketing to attract and serve their high-caliber clientele.

Pairing my rapid visual communication skills with expertise in creative and technical software, I love pushing the creative boundaries of my clients, myself, and production partners to execute distinct works. I have had the pleasure to work with a variety of clients including heritage and luxury retail brands, financial and cultural institutions, media companies, philanthropic organizations, tech startups, small business, public figures, and private clients.
I am a cum laude graduate of Harvard University where I studied business, psychology, and digital media, and am passionate about the intersection of all three. 

12 Weeks ⸱ 1:1 Development & Support

Start to end help for those who have a desire to start or rebrand their business and need help articulating, designing and bringing it to the world.

Unlimited Requests

Make unlimited design and marketing requests for advertisements, presentations, banners, collateral, emails, social, etc. with an all-in retainer plan.

Actionable Feedback

I’ll review your pitch deck, campaign, website design, branding and other design or marketing materials and provide actionable feedback.

Working with Me

Think of me as your go-to designer and brand strategist who you can reach out to whenever an idea strikes.

Fixed Pricing

Easy to budget and no need to watch or worry about hours. Pay the same every month no matter what comes up.

Unlimited Requests

With retainer packages make unlimited requests and I'll handle each one in the order it was received.

One Contact

Call me, beep me. Reach me easily by text or email whenever you have a request.


All requests are given an estimated delivery time once received. Some can be completed same-day while others may take additional time and collaboration.

Self Directed

I'll do a deep dive into your brand and you can trust me to deliver without the need for constant guidance or unnecessary meetings.


I leverage my knowledge and expertise to help you make informed decisions that align with your broader business goals.