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turn your vision into a brand you're proud of

Brand Development Intensive

12 Weeks, 1:1 Full Brand Development and Strategy for Small Businesses

Start to end help for those who have an idea and need help articulating, designing and bringing it to the world.

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Create a Brand you're Proud of

Together, I will take you through my full branding and strategy process that I’ve created based on my years of professional experience and formal business, psychology and digital media education from Harvard that I now use to build and implement every new business idea I have or that my clients come to me with.

By the end of this intensive, you will have a brand and business presence you know, are confident in, and ready to share with the world. 

In only 12 weeks, you will have accomplished the following:


Brand Basics

Clarity for you and your team with a high-level understanding of your brand’s purpose, offerings, and competitive advantage.


Brand Ethos

Articulate why your brand exists, the overarching goal it strives to achieve, and the fundamental beliefs and principles that guide your actions and decisions.


Brand Audience

Have a detailed profile of the individuals or businesses your brand aims to serve, including their demographic characteristics, psychographics, behaviors, preferences, pain points, and goals


Brand Look

Define and showcase the visual elements that make up your brand’s unique look and feel, including your logo, color palette, typography, and imagery style.


Brand Voice

Define the personality, tone, and style of your brand’s communication across all channels with examples and reference material.


Website & Online Presence

A custom website you are proud of and ready to share that reflects your brand’s ethos, look and voice to attract your target audience. 


Email Strategy

Set up your email list with and outline the strategies, guidelines, and best practices for your brand’s email communications.


Social Media Strategy

Define your social media goals, priority platforms, content pillars, and guidelines for creating and scheduling posts that align with your brand.


Sales & Marketing

Define your approach to guiding customers through your sales funnel, your digital and traditional marketing tactics, media landscape, and content positioning.


Launch Strategy

Pre-launch strategy, tactics, and a timeline you can implement with ready-made visuals to share your new venture and presence with the world.

Brand Portfolio

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Rustic Pearl
Revive Medical Spa
Keystone Accounting Solutions
Green Roots

Please note: The following samples are speculative and intended for review, given the confidential and internal nature of my brand strategy projects.

your designer, marketing, and brand strategist

Meet Becca

Together, we will create a brand and business that represents your offer proudly to the world.

My professional experience in-house and as a freelancer in luxury marketing, web and print design, technology, and operations has given me valuable insights into consumer behavior, CX strategy, and UX design with a deep intuitive understanding of client relations and leadership.
From designing funding decks for media conglomerates, leading digital transformations for 200+ year old heritage brands to developing email strategies for start-ups in their infancy, my passion for design and creative problem-solving drives my work ethic. I’ve had the pleasure to work with a variety of clients including heritage and luxury retail brands, financial and cultural institutions, philanthropic organizations, tech startups, small business, public figures, private clients, and hopefully you.

I am a cum laude graduate of Harvard University where I studied business, psychology, and digital media, and am deeply passionate about the intersection of all three. 

The game plan

How we will take your idea from barely-baked to fully baked and ready to serve.

Kickoff, Brand Basics, Brand Ethos, and Audience

In the first two weeks, we’ll lay the foundation for your brand by defining your brand basics, ethos, and audience. We’ll start with a kickoff call to align on your goals and vision, business summary, founding story, problem/solution, and offer/service descriptions. From there, we’ll explore your brand’s purpose, vision, mission, unique value proposition, and core values, and then define your target audience characteristics, market segments, and buyer personas.


Brand Basics

Brand Ethos

Brand Audience

Why is this important?

Laying a strong foundation in the first two weeks sets the stage for all the work ahead to make sure that every aspect of your brand we develop is aligned to your offer, values, and audience.

By taking the time to define your brand basics, ethos, and audience upfront, we create a brand that is original and differentiated to drive meaningful connections and results.

Brand Look and Voice

In weeks three and four, we’ll bring your brand to life with a distinctive visual identity and voice. We’ll develop your logo, color palette, font selection, and image curation, create essential brand collateral, and define your unique tone and style of communication. 


Brand Look

Brand Voice

Why is this important?

Developing a distinct and cohesive brand look and voice is important for creating a strong and lasting impression on your target audience.

By investing in these elements upfront, you can build recognition, trust, and connection with your ideal customers while differentiating yourself in your market.

Website, Email & Brand Social

Once we’ve established your brand’s look and feel, we’ll spend weeks 5 through 8 building out your website and online presence. This includes designing and building your website, writing your web copy, setting up and refining your email marketing strategies, and creating a strategy for your social media.



Email Marketing

Brand Social

Why is this important?

Having a professional and effective website, email strategy, and social media presence is essential for reaching and engaging your target audience.

By creating these assets in alignment with your brand identity and goals, you can establish credibility, build trust, and drive meaningful interactions and business results online.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

In weeks 9 & 10, we’ll develop a sales and marketing strategy to drive brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. This will include creating a targeted sales funnel, identifying the most effective marketing tactics, and developing an SEO and SEM strategy to increase your online visibility and reach. We’ll also map out your customer journey and create a PR strategy to build buzz and credibility around your brand launch.


Sales & Marketing

Why is this important?

By aligning your marketing tactics with your target audience’s needs and preferences, and leveraging the right channels and messages at the right time, we can attract, convert, and retain more of your ideal customers, and establish a strong and profitable brand presence in your market.

Launch Strategy

In the final weeks of our intensive, we’ll focus on developing and executing a launch strategy to generate buzz, drive traffic, and maximize the impact of your brand (or rebrand) debut. This will include creating a detailed pre-launch and post-launch plan, developing eye-catching launch visuals and messaging, and planning for a smooth and successful launch day execution.


Launch Strategy

Why is this important?

By building anticipation, leveraging your network and channels, and delivering a memorable and impactful launch experience, we can establish a strong presence, attract your ideal customers, and lay the foundation for ongoing growth and success.

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